Random Thoughts by Fabien Penso

Back to Paris

Back to Paris sooner than what I thought. I had so much rain on the Compostella trip, with eyes problems than I had to come back, see the doctor, and dry my clothes and shoes.
I’ve decided to stay around for a while. Here are the projects I currently work on :

  • A rewrite of uucpssh.org (still, yeah).

  • An authentification system for rails which will be used on my rails websites. What’s new compared to the existing one ? Well no database access to get the user informations, being able to deliver static page and still print user informations, some ajax, the possibility to put users into domains so you can have access to pages for only certain users (like admin, moderators, etc), an almost ready apache module, etc. More information soon on that (the gem is ready, the generator works, few things to fix).

    I also look for a job, my resume is here. Please get in touch with me if you think I can be helpfull in yours projects.

    Oh, I’ve finaly upgraded typo.

    On the Photography side, I am looking for a film scanner. Maybe the Nikon 5000 ED?