Random Thoughts by Fabien Penso

Merry Christmas, 2006 coming!

Merry christmas to everyone who cares about that sort of things. New year is coming soon, sooner than what I expected.

The 2006 TODO list for Fabien, I :

  • may go to India around March
  • -will buy a D200 nikon or something similar as a digital SLR- (done).
  • -may buy a Mamiya 7ii to play medium- (done).
  • -should get a wide voigtlander 15mm lens- (bought on ebay, -waiting for the deliver-, received it.)
  • should care less about all thoses gears, and take more pictures
  • will travel more, for sure. A lot more.
  • hope I’ll go to “Visa”:http://www.visapourlimage.com/ again.
  • should finish “uucpssh”:http://www.uucpssh.org/ (new version)
  • may continue the development of “rdisk”:http://rdisk.net/ to provide other features (sharing read only to friends?)
  • will replace an old iiyama screen with a LCD (lacie 119, or eizo?) to be able to work on pictures
  • Add features to my “authgenerator”:http://penso.info/code/authgenerator for “rails”:http://www.rubyonrails.org/.
  • will look at the lomo LC-A if I ever find a good price
  • -may look at the Marantz PMD 660 to record sound and add multimedia to my pics- (waiting to receive it from ebay, if I haven’t been screwed up).
  • will look at photography internships in agencies, if my profile ever interest them
  • many other things I haven’t thought about so far

Why bothering to write such a list? To confirm 90% of the list has changed at the end of the year 2006 :-)

UPDATE: Ok in fact everything that concerns the gears is going to be done before the next 2 weeks…