Random Thoughts by Fabien Penso

Path2 : new iPhone application

While none of my friend were actually using the first version of Path (being fully honest, a few but rarely and I wasn’t using it anyway), I now see lots more activity since they released Path2.

The old app was focused on 50 friends max, and photo sharing. Once when visiting their office and seeing if they were interested about my profile I told them it’d be more “bally” to even limit to 10, but not counting family members. This way people could actually add as many people as they wanted, but the baseline would have more impact (Note: In case you wonder they told me they had nothing for me, either because Dave Morin - CEO of Path - is super good friend with Joe Green - CEO of Causes - which I was leaving, or either because I suck).

I guess that didn’t work too well as they pivoted a bit to be a full featured facebook like sharing (locations, photos, music, status, and even when you go to sleep). I now see way more activity than before, and more friends joining (but that’s because I’m a geek with geek friends, you might actually see none). The iPhone application is really slick, and some people starting coping their UI (objective-c or even CSS based).

The feeling I have is there is still room left for improvement on mobile iPhone applications, even on busy segments like social networks. It’s funny to see Facebook hasn’t been that good on mobile (seeing how long it took for an iPad application - I heard some people refused to work on it unless they could ditch three20 from the app), Path2 seems way slicker and not as busy. Thinking about it the way I use the Facebook mobile app on the iPhone is exactly the features giving by Path, no more - no chat, etc. Using Path2 I remember how I should remove features from mobile apps, focusing on what matters the most.

So when is someone releasing a Facebook Path2 like application, as slick? This way at least I can use it with my friends.