Random Thoughts by Fabien Penso

I've joined PrePlay

I am now working as a Senior API developer for PrePlay, a NYC based company about mobile and tablet games related to enhance your experience while watching sports on TV. I’ve own a TV only a few years of my life (that was a while ago, I’ve given it to neighbors when I understood I wasn’t using it), so it’s kind of funny to be joining such a company. I will be working in their Paris office (next to Gare de l’Est). Yes, the Engineer team is French! The upcoming year is pretty exciting: happy new year for 2013!

The last full-time job I had was at Causes, which I’ve quit in June 2011. It was one of my best job experience, I just can’t summarize it in a single blog post but it changed the way I see working with other people, and it would now be difficult for me to work with negative people. The Engineers at Causes are super positive, and super skilled. Thank you guys, and if you want to learn as much as I did  you can apply there.

Since then: