Random Thoughts by Fabien Penso

Moved to Jekyll

Like all the popular kids in the block, I moved this website to Jekyll. I ran my main blog with Wordpress for years (after a short stop by home made code, then mephisto, and Typo), I’ve now bundled all my little websites to a single one. My other photography website is running heritage, a rails backend I’m working on to host photo websites, allowing photographers to sell prints online.

Looking at my archive page, I can see how little I’m blogging anyway (facebook seems to have replaced my destination for what I write). I removed comments, and you can send me mails directly or use social networks (aka Daring Fireball style).

Tools I’m using for this:

Something you notice with static files is how fast your website is. I’ve always pushed for cache everywhere and static files, and it feels nice to go back to it.

I’ve built websites since 1995, but something I find amazing the recent years is how efficient I’ve become building new projects and website. Thanks to Github and all the code available out there.

Update 27th May, 2013

Following my recent post about getting a job in San Francisco, I had a lot of e-mails about my blog design. I did it myself and got inspired while reading Matt Gemmell. I tend to like clean white simple designs.

Feel free to reuse everything I did from my source code. While I think asking anyone to add design by … is useless, I do appreciate links back to my blog.

Thank you :)